Time Lapse

Using digital cameras, You Are There 360 takes still images of a project in progress, then edits the footage into a dynamic video, which is perfect for sales calls, web sites, DVD’s and trade shows.

An ideal marketing tool for the building and construction industries, sporting events, concerts, festivals, and small business projects. Time lapse video technology turns a project that takes days or weeks to complete, into a video that takes only minutes to watch.

So what does it cost for a customized time lapse video? That depends on a number of factors, including length of shoot, number of cameras, on-site power access, and the production features of your finished piece.

We work closely with our clients during the editing stage to determine music needs and production elements.
Your finished video will be ready to showcase on your website, Facebook or YouTube.
We’ll also provide a CD or DVD that’s ready for duplication and distribution.

Pricing starting at $500

DEPOSIT of 50% is required at the time of signing our work agreement in order to secure your shoot dates. The balance is due once you have been
presented with your completed video.

Call us to discuss your project, and we’ll be able to provide a detailed estimate to meet your unique time-lapse needs.